A R G O N Limited is the manufacturer of variety of ketchups, mayonnaises, mustards, sauses and adjikas since 1997. As far as we have 20 years of experience in producing, we constantly improve and keep up to date just to provide our customers with the products of deserving taste and excellent quality.

       The Certified laboratory of our company provides a multi-level quality control of output products from the process of packs manufacturing and till the product will be sent to the finished store. The quality of our products is confirmed by Sanitary-Epidemiological and Hygienic Conclusion Certificates.

       Moreover, the company is the winner and laureate of many national and international exhibitions and competitions. Trade mark “BIKI” took prizes in Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian trade fairs and exhibitions on repeated occasions. And subsidiary brand “DERBI” gained popularity among customers due to the optimal combination of price and quality.

       Being the manufacturer of qualitative PET and PP jars, our company offers customers packs of our own production (bottles, jars, doypacks, plastic buckets), which render marketable state to our product and guarantee reliability of transportation and storage.

       Currently, we offer the next range of production:

       - The various of ketchups: “Klassico”, “Classic”, “Kebab hot”, “Piquant”, “Chili”, “Barbecue”, “Salsa”. Weighing: 250 g, 300 g, 460 g, 830 g, 5 kg.

       - Mustard in stock: “Russian Fiery”; the weight of the packs is 100 g, 270 g, 450 g.

       - The huge range of adjika – “Classic”, “Hot”, “Tender”, pre-packed into plastic jars of 300 g.

       - Mayonnaise of the following sorts: “Classic Provencal”, which weigh 400 g and 4,5 kg.

       - The different kinds of mayonnaise sauces "Provence"; the weigh of the packs is 740 g, 850 g, 4,5 kg, 5 kg. Fats - from 15% to 30%.

       -  Tomato sauces, cooked under the original recipes: “Italian”, “Mexican”, “Bulgarian”, “Krasnodar”. The weight of the packs is 450 g.

       The basic principle of our company is "The way of development is the road to success". It defines the dynamics of the permanent growth in terms of quality, productivity, management.