The market of mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces Ukraine highly competitive, with the main struggle unfolds between domestic producers, as importers occupy a small niche market. From this perspective, the main task of both existing and new market players, is the search for free or fastest-growing niches in the market. While the big players using advertisements and marketing moves may actually create new niche, introducing new products, whereas for smaller players to promotion of the new product is complicated. In addition the high competition on the market makes the issue of achieving high quality products while maintaining competitive prices.
Also for large companies, an important issue is the optimization of the product range, and increase the efficiency of marketing. As recently began an active appearance in HoReCa segment, in the context of revival of demand for sauces and many manufacturers are trying to improve its position in the market through expansion of the customer base.
 High competition on the market for the next 2-3 years will lead to the further growth of the market share of the major players and crowding out weaker competitors. This is due to the fact that sales and marketing costs will rise, business profitability will decline, and the market will remain only those companies that can provide large volumes of production and sales or offer consumers a unique product.